Kick, Punch, Eat Meat

Kick, Punch, Eat Meat is a game mixing elements from RogueLikes, Deckbuilders and Turn-Based RPGs. Players explore a procedurally generated world, encounter events, collect cards and equipment and engage in turn-based card combat. Combat is strategic and a wide variety of cards and equipment allow for a player’s strategy to evolve as they explore the world and acquire rewards.

The world of KPEM is messed up. It’s a world that’s been recovering from a catastrophic collapse of society. Whatever caused the collapse left the few remaining humans thrust back to the stone age and decimated any signs of advanced society. Nature has reclaimed most of the world, where possible but anyone who was there for the collapse was long gone. Humanity is back to living in small tribes and considers any remaining bits of technology to be magic with it’s workings a complete mystery.

Reader: “Wow, post-apocalyptic, sounds super depressing.”

Me: Relax, just check out some of the card art:

That’s right, it’s awesome. With a brutal yet goofy style you’ll chuckle your way through the fantasy-ish, world of Kick, Punch, Eat Meat.

Upon release KPEM will be available on PC and Mobile, probably get consoles in there at some point, why not. Release dates are tough to set but development is going pretty smooth for a solo dev working on it in his spare time.

Help make Kick, Punch, Eat Meat

2D Artist: Create all the art for the game; characters, card art, environment backgrounds and UI elements. Huge plus if you can mimic the style shown above. Should be able to take a general description and apply your own style and humor to it.

Me: “I need card art for the card Strong Punch!”
You: “Say no more.”

2D Animator: Take the art the artist makes and animate it! Ideally, you’d have experience animating in Unity and utilizing DOTween. This includes character animation, combat animation and UI element animation. I’m a big fan of Darkest Dungeon’s 2D animation style, hopefully you are too!

UI/UX: Does the health bar work better at the top or on the right? Where should the inventory button be? Does the combat UI get all the vital info across as it needs to for the player to make quick, informed choices? That’s the kind of UX stuff that’s needed along with turning the art assets into UI elements.

If you’re interested in any of these roles contact me and let’s talk!