Lil Critters – Class structure and the Nervous System

I’ve started working on the Lil Critters “Evolution Sim” project again. First thing to do was some refactoring, so I made many more classes and split up the methods. The classes and structure of the project is kind of interesting, since I am loosely modeling it after how the nervous system in living creatures tend to work. I’m no expert in biology, neurology or anything like that so I’m taking a more broad and general approach to the nervous system.

A critter’s “nervous system” is made up of three main classes which are Stimulus, Brain, Response. As you can probably guess, Stimulus is in charge of receiving input from the world outside of the critter and relaying those inputs to the Brain. The Brain chooses a response based on the input and sends this choice to Response. Lastly, Response allows the critter to perform some action as dictated by the Brain. There are other classes each critter has as well such as Raycast (to draw sight line) and Metabolism (to manage energy consumption). There will also be plenty more added as the project grows. The way I’ve been thinking of these classes in more specific terms is:
Raycast: Photons that hit the eye.

Stimulus: The eye that forms information from the photons that hit it and the neurons that transport that information to the brain.

Brain: Takes care of brain stuff… makes choices to call for particular responses based on input.

Response: The muscle system, applying forces to the critter when instructed to by the brain.

Metabolism: The chemical reactions and burning of energy in order to power the muscles and also just to maintain life.

It’s almost soothing to organize the series of inputs, analysis and outputs like this. This project often makes me think about real life a bit differently. While we all get the general idea that out bodies and minds are set up in this way, we typically don’t give this idea any weight or importance. I find it interesting to be building these little critters with this structure as a guide, which developed over billions of years of evolution.