12-1 Mage Arena Deck

I’ve gotten 12 wins in Hearthstone’s Arena a number of times, but usually ending at 12-2. This time I managed 12 wins and only 1 lose. The deck itself is pretty powerful with 3 Fireballs, 2 Flamestrikes, a Frostbolt and Onyxia to finish the job but many other cards did some serious work.

Here’s the deck in its entirety:

2 Flamestrikes can get you 5 wins easy, throw in 3 Fireballs and 7 wins is no problem.
2 Flamestrikes can get you 5 wins easy, throw in 3 Fireballs and 7 wins is no problem.

Some other key players were the Mana Wraith and Nerub’ar Weblord. Now these aren’t great cards but they were the best of a few shit choices. However they ended up allowing me to control the board early game. Coin into Weblord followed by turn 2 Mana Wraith and now all the opponent’s plans are on hold. These cards just screw up the enemy’s flow, which allowed me to get off a turn 3 Arcane Intellect for both card and board advantage.

One key thing to do when playing as a mage is to try and act as if you don’t have Flamestrike in your hand, even though we all know that every mage has a Flamestrike in their hand on turn 7. When you ping a Taz’Dingo down to 4 on turn 6 your opponent knows you’re lining up a Flamestrike and will play around it. Also, try to maximize the value of the Flamestrike by waiting until the opponent’s hand is empty or near so. Also, look for ways to deal with the board without using Flamestrike even if you have it. If turn 7 comes around and you don’t use Flamestrike, many people will assume you don’t have a Flamestrike and will feel better about filling up the board with his minions, then is the time to strike… FLAMESTRIKE.

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