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Test Nano!

Nano is up for testing! Goto Sign up, and enter the world. There is limited content, limited design/art and only the most basic of features, but it works, and gives some sense of the basic idea of the game. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Major updates

I’ve added a TON of stuff to nano over the past two weeks. Here is a summary:

  • Huge improvements to make it easier for me/admins to add content. Hence, more content and way more to come.
  • Proper enemy assignment to combat, allowing events results to dictate which enemy is chosen.
  • UI improvements
  • Card Design and some card art added.
  • Decreased Hunger/Thirst generation
  • Basic Character name validation
  • Leaderboard!
  • Text feedback for all event results
  • more food/water/item sources
  • Loading screen to prevent multiclicks
  • Soooo many bug fixes
  • Some minor balances

Nano entered in DevelTeam Contest, but…

I entered Nano into’s Summer Game Jam contest, you can try all the games that were entered into the contest here:

But, this is embarrassing, I didn’t know all the unspoken rules and subtleties involved with a Game “JAM” contest. Once all the projects entered into the contest were listed I quickly noticed that it seemed all the other games had been developed over the 2 week period after the theme was announced. This is certainly not the case for Nano, and I got in contact with the contest’s administrator to clear things up. He said that since the rules didn’t actually state that the games had to be developed only over the 2 week period that he would let it stay in the contest.

That was really kind and understanding of him, but I felt bad that I’d have this unfair advantage of a lot of extra time, where the other entrants really beat themselves up to get theirs in. Granted I pushed way harder these last two weeks than ever before, and most of my time prior to these past few weeks was just learning to program.

So I tried to make it known that my game doesn’t really fit the bill for a “Jam”, I’ll know next time and I hope the people over at that site don’t hold it against me. I tried to be public about the matter on the site and urged anyone to not vote for Nano if they feel like I really should have known better and not been in the running. It was nice of them to let me stay in the contest but now I just feel a bit shitty about it. I’m sure they’ll be more detailed in the rules they provide next time.

I’m really eager for the contest to be over so I can make more additions to the game. I have plenty of things to add and I’m going to spend this down time sorting out my To Do list and prioritizing things. I think from here on out, I’ll try to do push a weekly build for testing.

Give Nano a try!

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